Preparing for your House Painting Project

Have you been planning of you repainting your home? You have contacted the painting pros in Austin to help you with your project. But do you know how to prep your home for interior painting?

If you think you are more than ready for giving your home its new colors, then you might not need these tips. But, there are several prep guidelines you might want to know unless your painting contractors for your Austin home have taken care of the initial preparations.

Prepping for the big day

You have to know that you will need to move the furnitures out of the way. Of course, who wants dribbles of paint on your costly couch? Push all the furnitures towards the middle of the room and cover them with a drop cloth. Cover the floors with drop cloth as well to protect the tiles from any paint drips. Make sure you vacuum from corner to corner and remove all the photo frames hanging on the wall.

Tape it up

Cover the electrical outlets and other fixtures that can’t be moved. If you can’t return the baseboard afterwards, tape them up as well. You may also want to tape the corners in between the walls and ceilings. It is important that you protect the radiators and trim of your Austin home from unwanted paint. Doorknobs and other hardwares should also be masked off if you have no way of removing them.

Scrub it down

Before the paint application process, make sure that the walls are clean. Use a household cleaner to scrub down the walls off of dirt, coating or dust that could prevent the paint from being applied well. Use some drywall compound to cover the halls and imperfections before putting the first coat of paint on.

Interior painting could sometimes necessitate that you live out of the home especially if there are kids. The smell of paint could be an annoyance to others while children could meet accidents if not watched over carefully. You may need to look for an alternative place to stay.

These are the top hints that you should keep in mind before starting your painting project. You want to have new enticing colors for your rooms but wouldn’t want to find paint dribbles all over your belongings. Some painting contractors do this preparation for you while others only come in and paint. Make sure you choose reliable painting pros who want to satisfy the customer of their overall service.