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Choosing the right Austin painting company is extremely important when you consider the climate our homes have to endure. Wood, stucco, metal and other materials are vulnerable to the elements on the exterior of your house, and are under assault from constant human and pet activity on the inside of your house. Painting is the best, easiest and cheapest way to create a barrier and protect your investment.

However, if you’ve ever taken on a house painting job, you know it’s a job where you can quickly end up over your head. Even if you’ve got the experience, it can wind up being such a time-consuming process that it’s just a better idea to hire professionals. Not only can a professional Austin painting company get the job done more quickly, they’ll also have the knowledge and experience to do the right kind of prep and primer work and make sure the job will be done right.

Austin House Painting Company

Interior paint can rejuvenate and liven up living spaces for a very low outlay of money. Exterior painting can protect and beautify a home for years to come, even though it’s typically a more involved job in terms of prep, primer, paint and cleanup. Newer compounds of paint can actually help insulate your house and lower your utility bills; other paint formulations can inhibit wood rot or interior mold (a major, even dangerous problem in many houses).

For the ecologically-minded, newer low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints are available. There are oil-based paints for a glossy enamel-like finish, and water-based latex paints for a satin finish and easy cleanup. Water-based latex paints are generally preferable for a house’s exterior, since they are porous and flexible enough to allow a house to “breathe.”

For interior house painting or exterior house painting – either one, the correct prep work: masking, weatherproofing and application of paint are all vitally important to a durable, easily-maintained paint job. And hiring the job out to a contractor entails much more than just finding someone who can apply paint; you need a contractor who will work safely, is fully insured and will do a thorough cleanup on each and every job.

We handle everything from prep to clean up. And yes, we do leave the site absolutely clean. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

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