Painting Tips – Painting Your Interior Or Exterior Surfaces

If you are thinking about working on a painting project for either interior or exterior surfaces there are some important pieces of equipment, materials, and know how that can make the work much easier. Every painting endeavor is a little different because of different materials, paint styles, and tools needed. Sure you will always be using some type of paint but how can you be sure how much to use and which brand or style to use? Below you will find some helpful suggestions for your next interior or exterior house painting job.

The initial item you will want to figure out will be how many square feet you will actually be applying paint to. Professional painters are very good at calculating square footage of a room or a whole house so to get an accurate measurement you should contact a local painting contractor and have him or her give you a free estimate. If you’d like to do it yourself then be certain you over estimate a little for each wall, ceiling, and floor so you have enough cans of paint and primer to cover the areas.

Next you will need to make a decision on which brand, style, and type of paint you will be covering your surfaces with. Do you want a gloss, semi-gloss, or just a flat paint? Have you made a decision on what colors you like best? Asking for some feedback and some help from a few friends is never a bad decision. Once you realize what you want just pay a visit to your nearby home improvement facility and have them mix your paints. Be sure to pick up some primer also for added protection.

Okay so now it’s time for the work to start! Before any paint is applied to a surface you’ll need to do some prep work like scrapping old paint away from exterior siding, sanding down rough areas, and then rolling on or brushing on the primer. Once the primer coat or coats have dried you can start painting. For best results you will want to add two coats of paint to all surfaces!

These tips can come in handy for any painting project and hopefully they can help you. Remember that if you ever need any advice or other help with home improvement assignments you can always get in touch with a local professional painter and usually they can offer some tips. Now go get the ladders, paint guns and old clothes on and get moving!

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