Painting Tips – Painting Your Interior Or Exterior Surfaces

If you are thinking about working on a painting project for either interior or exterior surfaces there are some important pieces of equipment, materials, and know how that can make the work much easier. Every painting endeavor is a little different because of different materials, paint styles, and tools needed. Sure you will always be using some type of paint but how can you be sure how much to use and which brand or style to use? Below you will find some helpful suggestions for your next interior or exterior house painting job. … [Read more...]

Property improvements – how your local painting company can help

Thinking of updating the look of your residential or commercial property? One of the most popular forms of renovation is a new application of paint. Whether inside or outside, a new paint job can completely restore the look of your property, while also increasing its value. But rather than spending hours online trying to find house painting ideas, why not talk to a professional? … [Read more...]

All About Preparing For Exterior House Painting

Home maintenance is a top priority with homeowners, and exterior house painting is one of the larger jobs that needs to be done with care. A new coat of paint every few years will not only make your house look well kept and beautiful, it helps prevent damage from water, dirt, and molds. Replacing damaged siding is an expensive proposition, but caring for it will prevent any need for that. The first and most important step is the preparation for painting. … [Read more...]

What color should you paint your Interior of your house

There are several reasons why you may want to paint your home interior:The Stark White Walls are driving you mad.You found out about Color Therapy and would like to discover if it really works. … [Read more...]

Austin’s Pros – House Painting

House painting in Austin is more than just a change of color for your home’s exterior or interior – it can affect your moods, your productivity, the intangible “welcoming” of your home and can even affect your monthly utility bills. When it comes to chosing house painters, it’s extremely important that they know what they're doing every step of the way, from selecting the correct type of paint to detailed prep work to primer shade and the application of the paint.The many trips to the store, the outlay of money for brushes, rollers, caulking guns, caulk, masking tape, drop cloths, ladders, safety products & everything else - we won’t even talk about the mess! Consider what your time is worth when you’re thinking about your house painting project (interior or exterior).For your Austin house painting needs leave it up to the professional house painters - come to us and let us handle the dirty work! … [Read more...]

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